Chapter 7.1 Come and help me wipe my sweat! Part 1

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Fortunately, Lin Yuan, who was sitting on the side, was quick to help her lean back on the chair.

Yan Ruyue panicked, seeing Song Xuan almost collapse due to anger. She thought her mother would reprimand her a little, and then the matter will get settled. But Song Xuan’s illness abruptly got so worse that she fainted! Although her mother controls her life, after her father left, she is the sole remaining relative who cares about her life.

“Doctor, doctor, quickly come in!” Yan Ruyue shouted anxiously.

Immediately, five or six doctors entered the room at lightning speed, and it appeared that they were somewhat prepared.

Song Xuan was paralyzed and was sitting motionless on the chair.

“Heart failure!”

The doctors quickly pulled out an emergency bed to move Song Xuan up and then used various pacemakers and other equipment to save her, but they all had little effect.

“Do these fools want to kill people?” Lin Yuan frowned as he watched them act.

He, who possessed divine-level medical skills, could see that these doctors thought Song Xuan had heart failure, so they wanted to use a pacemaker to stimulate the heart. However, there was no heart failure in this situation, and using a pacemaker will only aggravate the condition.

Lin Yuan came to the Yan family today, not only to release the marriage contract, but also to see Song Xuan.

Song Xuan had resiliently supported the Yan clan alone for a decade, producing only a good reputation and prestige, but at the same time, her body had suffered from illness.

Song Xuan must have consulted a specialist and got aware of her health condition, judging from the preparedness of these female doctors.

As for why there was no male doctor, it was because Song Xuan, like Yan Ruyue, did not like men very much, merely she did not loathe men like Yan Ruyue.

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Lin Yuan remembered that Song Xuan would suffer from a heart failure-like illness in a week and lose consciousness. Her situation had deteriorated because she suffered from cardiogenic shock. In the original novel, famous doctors were unable to cure her. The protagonist, who had a good relationship with the entire Yan family, cured her with his medical skills.

Lin Yuan was planning to intercept this opportunity from the protagonist.

His divine-level medical skills were higher than that of the protagonist; thus, Lin Yuan could treat Song Xuan with ease. However, sending charcoal in the snow[1] is more moving than icing on the cake[2]. Therefore, he intended to step forward at a good time. He would stop the protagonist Ye Fan from appearing, and when the situation got most critical, he would cure her.

However, he did not expect the butterfly effect in the novel had already begun.

The removal of the marriage contract brought about the rebellious and aggressive words of Yan Ruyue, which stimulated Song Xuan, and she fell ill in advance.

“In that case, let me treat her now.”

Lin Yuan had a good impression of Song Xuan; although she is astute and resilient, she repays the kindness of others. There is no harm in helping her.

Although Lin Yuan thought a lot of things in his mind, only a short time had passed since the doctors started treating her.

At the moment, Yan Ruyue was looking at the unconscious Song Xuan, weeping silently, and the five doctors were standing still with helplessness.

The remedy of the disease could not be arbitrary. The person treating her would be accountable if a fatality occurred, and none of the doctors could afford the responsibility of Song Xuan’s death.


[1] to send charcoal in the snow(idiom) means to provide help in sb’s hour of need

[2] The phrase ‘Icing on the Cake‘ refers to something positive that enhances a situation that’s already good.

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