Chapter 1

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Blind Date

Josie Warren’s mother arranged a blind date for her in a high-class tea house in Wavery. However, after waiting for half an hour, the other party had yet to show up. A sulky look flashed through her delicate face.

Around ten minutes later, a man in a gray suit approached her slowly.

“Hi, is this Ms. Warren?”

“… I am.” Josie gazed at the stout man in front of her and was disappointed. Is he the so-called ‘handsome’ man my mom described?

“I’m Jack Lowry.” The man pulled the chair out and sat down across from her. After sizing Josie up, he put on a wide grin as he was satisfied with Josie.

“I’ve heard of your situation. I don’t have high requirements for my wife. After we get married, you can focus on being a housewife. I’ll be responsible for all living costs. I have two children. Please take good care of them. Besides, my parents…”

“Please stop for a second, Mr. Lowry.” Josie interrupted him and inhaled deeply. “I’m sorry. I don’t think we’re suitable for each other.”

Jack’s expression changed at once when he heard that.

“Ms. Warren, I’m a business owner. You should be grateful to be able to marry me…” Jack babbled away.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lowry. I’ve made myself clear – we’re not suitable for each other.”

Jack seemed to be as old as Josie’s father!

“You’ll regret this!” After saying that, Jack stopped bickering with Josie and walked away directly.

Sitting on the chair, Josie rubbed her temple. I shouldn’t have believed my mom.

Since she had applied for a half-day leave, she didn’t leave immediately. Instead, she stayed in her seat to… watch a show.

There was a blind date going on at the next table too.

Unlike Jack, the man seated on the chair wore a black suit. His handsome face was flawless, and he emanated an elegant aura from the inside out.

The woman sitting across from him stared at him in infatuation.

“Mr. Russell, let’s hold our wedding ceremony in Ireland. What do you think? We can invite a lot of guests…”

With his eyes downcast, the man blurted coldly. “I’m sorry. I’m not satisfied with you. You may leave now.”

The woman’s smile stiffened.

“Mr. Russell, this is our first encounter, so we don’t have to rush into marriage. You can spend some time getting to know me. I’m a very nice person…”

Dexter Russell lifted his eyes and uttered insouciantly, “I don’t fancy a woman whose face is full of fillers.”

Josie almost spat the tea out when she heard that. What a brilliant excuse!

After the women stomped away in anger, Josie took up her handbag as the show was over. Just as she was about to sneak out of the teahouse, a magnetic voice came forth.

“Josie Warren.”

With her body stiffened, Josie turned around and greeted the man with a professional smile.

“Hi, Mr. Warren.”

Dexter looked at her and asked, “Are you happy with the show?”

“Not…” Realizing that she was giving herself away, Josie quickly changed her answer. “I’m not watching any show.”

“Sit down.” Dexter ordered.

Josie had no choice but to sit down across from him reluctantly. She lifted her eyes and carefully glanced at the man who had extraordinary elegance.

Dexter was the president of Russell Group, the biggest conglomerate in Wavery. Despite being at the age of twenty-six, his net worth had exceeded ten billion.

On the other hand, Josie was an ordinary white-collar in Wavery. She worked as a designer at Russell Group.

There were thousands of employees in Russell Group. Under a normal situation, Dexter would not have a chance to meet her.

However, when Dexter visited the departments after he took over the corporation three years ago, he walked up to Josie among all the other designers and asked for her name.

Josie answered in a stutter.

Although Josie had an ordinary identity, her appearance was extraordinary and stood out among the other designers who had common looks. Even within the entire Russell Group, Josie’s beauty was outstanding. At that time, many in the design department thought Dexter had a thing for her, but Josie thought it was impossible.

True enough, in the last three years, despite being in the same company, she had never crossed paths with the great president. In fact, she rarely saw him.

Josie caught sight of Dexter out of the corner of her eyes, but she didn’t dare to walk up to greet him. She thought Dexter had forgotten about her because she was an ordinary employee, so she sat at the side and watched the show light-heartedly, but little did she expect that…

“Mr. Russell, if there’s nothing else…”

Josie wanted to break the silence and leave, but as soon as she spoke up, Dexter stared at her with his deep-set eyes and asked, “You’re looking for a partner to get married with?”

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