Chapter 2

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At the mention of her eldest son, Luna’s heart ached. She smiled bitterly. “Someone is taking care of him back there. We might stay a little longer this time.”

She had to take care of some issues. Six years ago, Joshua and Aura colluded and got her killed, even though she was three months pregnant. After news of her death was announced to the public, Aura even shamelessly produced her so-called will as proof she committed suicide. The reason for her supposed suicide was because she betrayed Joshua and felt guilty. Ridiculous. The true traitor lived happily whilst she had to carry the brand of a cheater even in her death. For everything they owed her, she would make them pay with their blood!

Of course, there was also Nigel’s body… The woman sighed heavily as she turned toward Anne. “How’s the job opening I asked you to look into?” Anne looked slightly awkward. “I asked someone to inquire into it, but at the moment, there’s no opening for any position in the Lynch Group except…” “Except for a cleaner.” Luna’s lips curled into a smile. “I’ll be a cleaner, then.” “How can you do that?” Anne understood well enough the hardships Luna went through these past few years. Six years ago, she struggled to survive after her accident. She waited until her three children were born before she started her plastic surgery and physiotherapy, and she then paved her way for a new start. She eventually became a renowned jewelry designer in Europe, but all of a sudden, she gave up her fame and glory and announced her retirement, returning to Banyan City under her own name…

She wanted to work at the Lynch Group as a cleaner so abruptly? “Actually, there are plenty of suitable jobs for you here at Banyan City besides at the Lynch Group,…” Luna shook her head. “I only want to join the Lynch Group.” … The apartment that Anne found for Luna belonged to her relative, and it stood empty all year round. It was not far from the city center, and it was fairly spacious with three rooms and a living room. Luna and her two children entered the apartment and spent half the day cleaning and tidying things up.

“Neil, take care of your sister. I’m going out to buy some daily necessities.” “Okay!” After the door closed behind her, the two children rushed to switch on the laptop as Joshua’s interview played on the laptop screen. “Neil, is this Daddy?” Nellie hugged her furry teddy bear to her chest and bit her lip. “You’re right, between the three of us, he looks the most similar to me.” “Yeah.” Neil raised his eyes, looked at the man on the screen, and squinted. “Do you remember what I taught you?” “Yeah!” Nellie nodded as she balled her fists, and her cute, childlike voice sounded serious as she spoke, “I’ll act as best as I can!” … After she left the neighborhood, Luna hailed a taxi to the nearest department store. As she headed to the cashier, she heard a familiar woman’s voice, “I didn’t expect everyone to be so interested in my and Joshua’s wedding.” The voice came from the large screen in front of the store. On the screen, Aura explained gently, “We’re both focused on our careers right now and have no time for a wedding ceremony.” The host laughed as well. “That’s true. Everyone knows you’ve been together with Mr. Lynch for more than five years. Your feelings for each other run deep and sincere…” Luna’s fingers tightened around the trolley handle.

Six years ago, in the will that they forged, she requested Joshua to marry Aura and take care of her forever. That was how they got engaged, openly and honestly. Luna’s heart ached against her will at the thought. Even though they betrayed her, they were shameless enough to make up such a noble-sounding excuse whilst she had to live while she hid her real name and identity. She was so lost in her thoughts that the trolley she pushed had crashed against someone. “I’m sor—” She raised her head, but before she could finish her sentence, the last word died in her throat. The man in front of her was tall, handsome, dignified, but somewhat arrogant. It had been six years since she last saw him. He seemed even colder and yet more mature and manly. Her fingers that held the trolley’s handle started to turn white. She never expected to run into him the moment she returned home. Joshua looked at her coldly out of the corners of his eyes. “Don’t you keep your eyes on the road?” Six years ago, the wounds on her face were severely infected because of her fall into the sea during the accident, growing inflamed and bubbling pus. She had no choice but to accept plastic surgery on her face. Her face had become near-perfect, designed in the hands of the best plastic surgeons. Putting Joshua aside, she even sat before the mirror for hours every day, for the first two years, to make sure the face looking back at her was truly hers. “I’m sorry.” Luna sucked in a deep breath and steadied her raging emotions. “Mr. Lynch, I was too immersed in your fiancé’s interview and accidentally knocked into you.” The man raised an eyebrow. “You recognize me?” “You’re so famous. How could I not?” Luna smiled slightly. “To fulfill your promise to your ex-wife, you agreed to take care of her sister forever. These are famous words in Banyan City.” Joshua’s eyes darkened slightly. From afar, he had seen her from the back. This woman, from her figure, to the way she walked, and to her habit of running her fingers through her

hair, was the exact same as Luna’s! That was why he had approached her unconsciously. He wanted to take a look at her face, but it seemed this woman just had a similar figure as hers. It was not just her face and her voice; even her personality was completely different! Luna used to be gentle and obedient. She would not talk like that. “Joshua!” Aura’s feminine lilt rang out behind him. After a moment, she ran over like a little bird fleeting to its mother and slipped her arm through Joshua’s. “What are you doing?” “Nothing.” He turned and left with Aura. “Did you buy everything you needed?” “Yup!” Rooted at the spot, Luna watched the two of them walk away as coldness felted her heart. … At home, Luna prepared a sumptuous dinner for her two children. Although a smile was constantly on her face, Neil and Nellie could tell something was wrong with her. After dinner, Neil returned to his room and hacked into the department store’s surveillance system. He squinted as he watched the man followed his mother for quite some time before he ran against her. She met the jerk at last, and he brought his mistress to the department store! No wonder Mommy did not smile after she returned home. The boy bit his lip. He then turned to walk out of the room and squeezed into his sister’s room. “We’ll start our mission tomorrow!” … Early the next morning, Luna prepared breakfast. “Neil, Nellie, time for breakfast!” “Nellie was up late last night watching cartoons. Don’t disturb her, Mommy,” said Neil as he yawned and walked out of the bedroom. “Oh, right, Mommy, aren’t you going to the post office to collect our stuff?” Luna nodded. “We’ll go once the two of you are done with breakfast.”

They had stayed overseas for six years, and a lot of their items had to be shipped back. The post office called her yesterday to collect her items. “Why don’t you just go now?” spoke aloof Neil as he ate. “We’re not five-year-old kids anymore.” Luna sighed helplessly but still took her coat and left. Even though they were only six years old, there were times they were more mature than her. After he confirmed Luna had left, Neil slipped into his room, looked at the surveillance footage on his laptop, and murmured into the phone, “Nellie, are you there yet?”

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