Chapter 3

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From Rags to Riches

“Mr. Harris said you can stay for the time being, but you must accept the management rights of Angle Corporation, a subsidiary of Harris Group in Fairlake. On top of that, the company’s profits this year must be five percent more than last year’s. He also said you can refuse, but things might end badly for Wright Construction Group if you do so.”

Upon hearing that, Gwendolyn gritted her teeth in utter frustration.

Before Declan passed away, she once promised him that she would help to look after Wright Construction Group. Thus, she couldn’t allow anything to happen to the company.

This time, Dad is clearly using my weakness against me. However, he isn’t blackmailing me into going home but is forcing me into taking over Angle Corporation. What exactly is his motive?

“Fine, I’ll do as he says!”

Taking the pen, Gwendolyn signed her name with a flourish before accepting the supreme Centurion Card with thirty billion in it.

At the sight of the gold surface of the card, she shook her head in amusement.

A few minutes ago, I was so poor that I only had ten on me, not even enough to take a taxi. Is this then considered going from rags to riches? Because of my pact with Dad previously, my bank card and account were frozen. Additionally, I had to conceal my real identity, or it’d be a breach of contract. Maverick’s mother and sister had an affinity for the rich and climbing the social ladder, so they never showed me any respect. I wonder what their expressions would be if they were to learn that I’m actually Gwendolyn Shalders Harris, the youngest daughter of the Harris family, the wealthiest family in the country, and a megarich woman with a net worth of hundreds of millions. I still remember when a good

friend of mine from the orphanage was dying, back before I regained my memories. I went on my knees and prostrated myself before my mother-in-law, begging her to lend me some money. She arrogantly whipped out a platinum card, but she didn’t give it to me. Instead, she boasted, “Guess how much money is in here. A million. You’ve never seen so much money in your life, huh? But I’d rather use it to buy dog food than lend you a single cent! Do you know why? Because that destitute friend of yours is even lowlier than a dog, in my eyes.” At that time, I merely balled my hands into fists as a flash of derision flittered across my eyes. Well, if there’s a chance, I’d really like to teach those two haughty women a lesson and vent my wrath for once!

While she was deep in thought, someone grabbed her wrist from the back.

She turned around, only to be greeted by the sight of none other than her mother-in-law, Frida Landers.

Frida had her nose in the air, her expression disdainful and disapproving. Behind her were a few well- to-do ladies with shopping bags in hand. From the look of things, they had just finished shopping.

Surreptitiously putting the Centurion Card into her bag, Gwendolyn questioned indifferently, “Is something the matter?”

Frida was stunned at first, seemingly never having expected her attitude to be so blasé when she had previously always acted like a wimp before her.

“Who allowed you to come out and embarrass me? Have you done all the household chores? And have you cooked lunch? If my precious son were to go hungry, I’d skin you alive! Also, look at the scraps you’re wearing! You’ve been married into the family for a few years now, yet you still appear impoverished. How shameful! Hurry up and go home!”

To her surprise, Gwendolyn reacted as though she had heard the biggest joke in the century.

“I’m shameful? After I married into the Wright family, you deliberately dismissed all the help in the mansion and forced me to quit my job to do the laundry and cook for your son, being a virtuous wife. I did all that, but were you ever satisfied? No, you merely went even further. You framed me for stealing your jewelry, thereby withholding the shares Old Mr. Wright left me. Moreover, you forced me to my knees and had me kneel outdoors as punishment while it was raining heavily. Have you forgotten all that?”

Following her words, the well-to-do ladies behind Frida clicked their tongues. We’ve always known that she treats her daughter-in-law horribly, but we never imagined that she actually went that far!

Seeing that things weren’t quite right between the two women, they all made excuses to leave.

“W-What nonsense are you spouting?”

Several times, Frida wanted to cut Gwendolyn off, but the latter’s rapid-fire speech gave her no opportunity to interrupt.

Gwendolyn proceeded to jerk her chin up imperiously, the look in her eyes razor-sharp.

“You know full well whether I’m spouting nonsense. I tolerated you in the past, but if you dare provoke me again in the future, I’ll settle the score with you for all past grievances doubly!”

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