Chapter 3

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"Oh, really? Well, perhaps I am… But I will never be as shameless as a hussy who's a homewrecker…"

Only a few seconds later did Mia finally react to Leanna's calm clapback. With an awful expression, she raised her hand and intended on striking Leanna.

Yet, Leanna grabbed onto her wrist and gave her a tight slap in return. "The only reason why I kept my composure last time was because of Aidan's child that you've successfully carried. That's on you and I give you credit for that. But, that doesn't mean you get to brag about it in my face all the darn time. What, you think that being a mistress should be something to be proud of now?"

At that moment, the slap had gathered the attention of the bystanders.

Embarrassed yet still angry, Mia wanted to withdraw her hand from Leanna, but she could not seem to overpower her. Out of helplessness, she shouted in fury, "How dare you slander me like this! I'm not some mistress! You're the one who's been hogging the status of being his wife! Do you know how much Aidan hates you?"

"Don't you think your words lack a little sense? Regardless whether I'm hogging the status or not, I am still Aidan's legal wife. On that topic, I do have to thank you though, seeing how the baby in your womb is a perfect proof of his infidelity. Do you want to wager if I can win the lawsuit? I can even make him go bankrupt if you're interested in playing this game."

In utter disbelief, Mia stared back at her. "You wouldn't da—"

"Oh, I would."

Although it was at the height of summer, the masculine voice that suddenly came from behind Leanna

sent shivers down her spine, making her feel like it was winter instead.

The stunned Leanna then let go of Mia's hand.

Mia, who immediately ran to Aidan's side, held her cheek that was still hot from the slap as tears were streaming down her pitiful face.

After taking a look at her, Aidan directed his gaze toward Leanna. With a cold piercing stare, he uttered emotionlessly, "Do you need my help to introduce a lawyer to you?"

Smirking in response, she replied, "I don't think so."

Are you kidding me? Where do I have the money to afford this lawsuit that will not only waste my time but also my strength?!

All she wanted was to scare Mia a bit.

Taking a step toward her, he lowered his head slightly and whispered, "So, this is what you meant in the divorce agreement? By leaving this marriage without a single penny?"

Leanna looked up only to see the undisguised mockery in his gaze, which instantly made her understand his words. "That's not it. I—" She tried to rebuke before getting interrupted.

"Now that money can't satisfy you anymore, what you want is the entire Pearson Group, right?"

Aidan continued without waiting for her to reply, "Otherwise, why would you go through all the trouble with this so-called divorce?"

Why else but to favor you two lowlifes?

"Leanna, aren't you overestimating yourself? If I was to sign the agreement, you would only stand to lose."

Please, just be like a man. Give me the release I need and not just empty promises.

She then met his mocking gaze and smiled. "Then, I would like you to quickly sign it, President Pearson. I'll see you at the Civil Affairs Bureau."

Aidan rebuked coldly, "What are you going to do after I sign it? Are you going to sue me using the divorce agreement as evidence?"

While maintaining her smile, Leanna explained, "I think you're overthinking this yourself, President Pearson. Can't we just stop tormenting each other at this point? If you really feel uneasy about this, I can draft a guarantee that states that I won't be asking even a penny from you under any clause or aim. I'll even stamp it with my thumbprint and sign my full signature. Such a legal document should satisfy you, no?"

Surprised by her eagerness to draw lines with him, Aidan felt like she was in a rush to get away from him. As such, his brows slightly furrowed and his lips pursed in silence.

Seeing how long they had been arguing, Mia went up to him and intercepted, "President Pearson, let's go… I'm feeling a bit sick."

At last, Leanna took a glance at Mia and reminded her, "Miss Clark, I suggest you lose the high heels,

lighten your sultry makeup and go easy on your perfume before these lustful, lowly men end up messing you and your baby up."

Aidan did not react to this.

Who is she really talking about?

With that, Leanna retrieved her gaze at them and walked away in style.

The moment she left, Mia's friends, who were all watching this from the sidelines, came up to flatter them. "Mia, President Pearson is so protective of you. It was so satisfying to see that woman's expression."

"I agree. President Pearson is so cool. I really envy you, seeing how you have a boyfriend that is so willing to stand up for you."

"In my opinion, Mia's right. That woman really is shameless. You're already pregnant now, yet she still doesn't want a divorce…"

To this, Aidan only gazed at the people in front of him and asked, "Say, are you all in your right minds?"

No matter how much he detested Leanna, he would not create such a scandal like cheating.

This made everyone present including Mia shocked as they did not know how they offended him.

He then continued, "About the pregnancy thing. Explain."

His words were directed at Mia.

She gripped her skirt tightly before stuttering, "I-I-I kept hearing that you hated that woman, s-s-so I… I found an excuse and wanted her to divorce—"

As he cut her off, all that was left on Aidan's expression was coldness. "I'm not clueless as to what you're trying to do. It's enough that I already had Leanna forcing me into a marriage with the exact tactic! If I hear another word of this floating around, you will bear the consequences."

Mia bit her lips without finding the courage to speak.

It was not until Aidan left that her friend breathed a sigh of relief before asking her, "Mia, isn't President Pearson your boyfriend? Why did he talk like that to you?"

Mia was ghastly pale at this point. During this period, he did attend numerous banquets with her in tow, so there were a lot of rumors surrounding their relationship. Naturally, this led her to assume that she was his woman.

That was precisely why she approached Leanna and wanted her to divorce Aidan—by faking a pregnancy report.

However, after hearing his words…

On the same night, Mia finally managed to catch wind of Aidan and Leanna's marriage.

Apparently, Leanna's father was hugely indebted to the loan shark, so she was sold to the Patheon Club by the debtors. After she escaped, she ran into Aidan and begged him to save her.

However, the unthinkable happened when two months after the event, Leanna knocked on his door with a pregnancy report in hand. Since the Pearsons were a renowned family and cared highly about their reputations, they did not want to smear dirt onto their name by making a fuss out of this. On top of that, she was already pregnant, so they eventually let Aidan marry Leanna.

Strangely, the baby in her womb was suddenly gone in less than two months of their marriage.

From the start till end, it all had been an act played by Leanna. From getting drugged in the club, meeting Aidan and forcing a marriage via fake pregnancy; it was all for the goal to marry into the Pearson Family.

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