Chapter 5

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Her dishevelled hair and her sleepy face with remnants of makeup raised a lot of eyebrows as she walked all the way from the office. Her face coldly disregarded the attention, but in her heart, she scolded Jiang Yu Nan thousands of times.

Fortunately, the elevator took them directly to the ground floor. They walked out of the lobby directly to the car waiting at the gate.

The driver started the car.

Yan Liang found that in addition to the driver, there was another person sitting in the car. Obviously the other person recognized her: “Miss Yan, we meet again.”

Yan Liang did not answer for a moment. The other person lightly introduced himself: “Miss Yan probably does not remember me; Mr Jiang had me return a pair of glasses to you.”

Yan Liang greeted the newly appointed chief secretary with a few words, and then pulled out her phone ready to call home. Jiang Yu Nan, who was checking her “homework”, suddenly interrupted: “Why is there no sales channel analysis?”

With such a question, Yan Liang froze for a moment. She quickly hid her phone back in the bag, transferring her thoughts back to work: “You only asked me to analyze the product line.”

“Product lines and sales channels have always been one, which products sell in which channels, which products need to change the sales path, which ones have an impact on the production supply chain.”

Yan Liang held back her impulse to mouth back, clenched her teeth and said: “I’m sorry I was negligent.”

The bloody man seemed to her quite satisfied with this attitude; he put down the file generously: “Get back to this business after changing.”

Greatly frustrated, Yan Liang turned to the window; she was afraid she would lose it and give him a punch.

Soon the car was parked in front of a hotel-style apartment.

Jiang Yu Nan took the lead to get off the door.

Yan Liang deliberately avoided the co-pilot sitting in front. When she heard Jiang Yu Nan get off the car, she just re-dialled to call home.

But she got no time to dial the number, her side of the door was suddenly opened.

The door was opened, Yan Liang looked straight ahead.

Realising Jiang Yu Nan was waiting for her, she said: “I will go to the airport and then just clean up.”

The man said “No” and reached out to pull her out.

A simple and quick action, it did not give her the room to refuse.

Soon, the elevator carrying the two of them directly opened to his home.

As she opened the door and walked into the room, Yan Liang instinctively looked around. The house had an open kitchen without any signs of cooking, the room was full of dust, and the floors were dirty. There were no signs of someone staying in here on a permanent basis.

Yan Liang was surprised with all the luxurious and yet unused furniture when she was suddenly startled –

“What are you doing?!”

Jiang Yu Nan heard this, but did not stop what he was doing.

Relative to her startled fuss, he acted calmly, glancing at her, and then continued to loosen his tie and throw it on the sofa.

Yan Liang was surprised at his attitude. At first glance, he was exceptionally calm. She could be calm too and did not want to appreciate his strip show, so she turned away from him to find the washroom.

Jiang Yu Nan solved her quandary without lifting his head: “You can go into the bedroom. Then turn right and at the end you’ll find the washroom.”

The washroom had new unopened toiletries on the shelf, and looked like a hotel washroom. Yan Liang wondered if it had ever been used. Then she removed the packaging to brush her teeth

Seeing her face in the mirror, Yan Liang felt discouraged. But she didn’t know why she was feeling this way. She shook her head, rinsed her mouth, washed her face and tried not to think of anything else

However, as she raised her head, Yan Liang could see Jiang Yu Nan’s reflection in the mirror as he stood at the door.

Yan Liang had just splashed water in her eyes, her line of sight was also fuzzy, but she always felt that this man had extraordinary eyes.

It’s not that these eyes were just attractive, they were also extremely scary.

Yan Liang took the towel to wipe her face and was ready to go out of the bathroom.

The bathroom door was narrow, and a tall man was standing there. Yan Liang could only turn her body sideways to move out.

She was so close to him she could smell the scent of coffee on him.

This person watched her coldly as she tried to manoeuvre herself in the cramped space and then he went into the bathroom,”I will take a shower.”

Yan Liang stood awhile, her back to him as she heard the sound of the shower turned on. She looked at her watch and was about to ask him not to dawdle, then thought, if her boss wasn’t worried about missing the flight, why was she getting anxious?

So she stepped out.

Jiang Yu Nan suddenly ordered: “Please close the door.”

Yan Liang pulled the door close with her hands.

Unexpectedly, the door did not close, she heard him say, “Go to the bedroom and take out my suit.”

Yan Liang’s hand stiffened on the door when she heard the third sentence: “I called for two breakfasts, can you unpack? “

Yan Liang gave herself three seconds to calm down.

But she found herself unable to calm down.

In the confined space of the bathroom, Yan Liang quickly approached Jiang Yu Nan, grabbed him by the towel hanging around his neck: “Do not be insatiable.”

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This man seemed to have no ‘angry’ mood; even as she tried to give him tit for tat, he had an unshakeable smile, and said: “Is the little lion angry? “

“I’ve put up with you for a long time. Who do you think you are? Aren’t I a senior employee?”

His eyes were still smiling : “When you are strong enough to contend with me, say these words at that time.”

“Tell your master I quit!” Yan Liang cursed.

She hadn’t even taken two steps when Jiang Yu Nan grabbed her from behind.

Yan Liang had never been an even tempered woman. As he grabbed her, she faced him and tried to bite his arm.

Listening to his “hiss” sound as she bit him, Yan Liang felt some satisfaction. She looked at him contemptuously as he let her go.

She had hardly moved out of the bedroom, when suddenly he drew his arm around her waist.

Obviously she could feel the person’s arm muscles suddenly tightening around her waist, eliciting a cry, and she was pushed down to sit down on the bedside

Yan Liang tried to stand up, but Jiang Yu Nan caught her movement and pressed her by the shoulders and made her sit down again:”Do you want to try? Believe it or not I will tie you down here “, he said almost viciously

Yan Liang really had not anticipated such a strong reaction. She was a little afraid, but still, biting her lips she did not even take half a step back “I am not your mistress, I have no obligation to serve you.”

For the first time in his life, Jiang Yu Nan was lost for an answer and shook his head again and again.

Jiang Yu Nan’s hand pressed down on her shoulders again, and when he was sure she would not fight again, only then he turned to open the wardrobe and took out some clothes.

Jiang Yu Nan put on his clothes, knotted his tie and then turned back to see Yan Liang hugging herself, her face turned to one side. Somehow,he was moved by her stance and stepped close.

Thinking he would suddenly bully her again, Yan Liang stood up coldly to leave.

He held up his arm in front of her, the tooth marks on the arm were clearly bleeding.

“Are you really a lion?”

His hand grabbed her again; Yan Liang tried to push back but did not expect him to be so forceful that she was pulled closer to him instantly in an embrace.

“I always believe in giving it back. Well, I should bite you too, where is a good place?” His eyes roamed her body, as if really looking for a good place to bite.

Finally, his eyes were fixed on her lips.

This signal was very dangerous, but she could not do anything to push back as he leaned towards her body.

Had he moved a centimetre?

Or just half a centimetre?

Just in time, they heard the sound of the bedroom door opening.

The two froze.

Followed by the sound of the door opening, they heard the sound of footsteps coming near and then the voice of Secretary Li: “Mr Jiang, if you do not start now I’m afraid you wont catch the flight..”

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