Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 - Revealing Strength

Somewhere around the age of 25 with exquisite looks, the ample-bodied caucasian laid on the hospital bed with a haggard complexion that looked to be in pain. Su Tao stood at the rear and could only look at her blurred face. It was just a single glance and he could see what a peerless beauty she was.

Standing beside the hospital bed was a medium-built Chinese that angrily said, "Hanzhou's medical field is too lacking, the illness is getting worse as times goes on. You want a foreign businessman to invest in such a medication field?"

His last sentence left everyone with an awkward expression. If they couldn't cure Vera's illness, the Hanzhou's medical field would be reduced to a laughing stock.

To allow the patient to have adequate rest, everyone had come to the conference room to speak.

"The patient is a foreigner from Russia, her name's Vera Ormond. She participated in the foreign investment discussion for Hanzhou this year, and in the midst of the conference, she suddenly fell sick and was sent to the Jianghuai Hospital. After simple check-ups, we discovered it to be Asthma."

Di Shiyuan stood at the front of the projector as the screen showed a few cases and test reports, with him presenting the patient's condition as succinct as possible.

"But soon after, she was only willing to take some medicines and was no longer willing to undergo any examinations. Thus, her illness worsened."

Qiao Dehao sighed, "That Russian businesswoman is preparing to invest a project in Hanzhou, which involves hundreds of millions. Therefore, the Mayor is paying a high amount of attention to this and requested that we cure her. Otherwise, it would be a huge loss for Hanzhou."

The Chief of the City Health Bureau, Cao Jun cast a glance at Tang Ming and felt that he was the protagonist today. At the same time, he continued to give Tang Ming a little pressure, "Just a while ago, Secretary of the Municipal Committee Zhang had called me and informed that we must definitely withstand this pressure, we can't screw up."

Tang Ming calmly glanced at Cao Jun, he was well-experienced, so a single Secretary Zhang still couldn't scare him. He continuously flipped the reports as he said in a hoarse voice, sounding disappointed, "You guys have examined her incorrectly. If there isn't any mishap, it should be Bronchitis."

Di Shiyuan revealed puzzlement on his face as he suddenly recalled a possibility. "Could it be Mould Bronchitis?"

Tang Ming continued, "During the clinical process, there's a high chance of mixing Asthma and Bronchitis, thus making a mistake in the examine. If it is the Mould Bronchitis, all Antibiotics need to be stopped and a fungal treatment must be conducted. Otherwise, it will have an opposite reaction."

"After a treatment as per Asthma by giving a high dosage of Antibiotics and Glucocorticosteroid, it will cause the fungus in the body to go out of control. Causing a decline in the body's immunity system, which will induce the growth of mould; worsening the illness. Right now, the first examination we need to do is conduct a fiberoptic bronchoscopy and windpipe secretion to confirm that it's the mould type."

Because they had only conducted the initial check-ups, there was a high chance of making a mistake in the examination. Just from the initial treatment report, Tang Ming had already pointed out the reason why Vera's illness was worsening, which fully proved his capability as an expert.

"Different mould types require different treatments with the last procedure being the most crucial." Di Shiyuan nodded his head earnestly. "But the problem is that the patient rejects all sorts of examination!"

Tang Ming's diagnosis had loosened up the expression on everyone. At the very least, everyone now knew the reason why the illness was worsening.

But the crucial point was that the problem was still not resolved, since Vera was unwilling to accept an in-depth examination.

Tang Ming unconcernedly said, "Be quick to do the thinking work, then. If she doesn't wish to work with us, there's nothing we can do. If she's hiding an illness on purpose, then there's no way for us as well. Perhaps she might acknowledge doctors from other places more, if this really doesn't work, then switch to another hospital!"

"We can't do that!" Cao Jun shook his head like a rattle-drum as he continued, "If she leaves Hanzhou and goes to another city, it will basically mean that we will lose a project that's worth hundreds of millions. We will not be able to answer the Mayor and will become the embarrassment of Hanzhou's Healthcare System. As the person-in-charge of the City Health Bureau, I must emphasise that we must definitely complete the task perfectly!"

Tang Ming was seen to have his brows frowned, when Qiao Dehao immediately smoothed things over. "Professor Tang, we will have to trouble you more."

Tang Ming spoke somewhat impatiently, "If we want to make an accurate diagnosis, then we have to do an in-depth examination. Why don't you guys try to persuade her? If there's no other way, then we can only forcefully give her the treatment."

Tang Ming's attitude and tone made the doctors of Jianghuai Hospital feel uncomfortable in their hearts. However, the other party was a professional that was specially invited over for this purpose, so he was qualified to put on airs.

Di Shiyuan sighed as he waved his hand at Zhao Ming. "You go and talk to see if you can persuade her."

Zhao Ming wore an innocent face as he cursed in his heart. Why am I the one to run errands again?

Su Tao had been seating beside Zhao Ming, stroking his chin. His eyes were abstruse and his thoughts couldn't be known.

Actually, the Jianghuai Hospital had attempted to persuade her but was scolded by Vera out of the room. Vera's fiery temper was basically comparable with Di Shiyuan.

Zhao Ming had just gone in for a minute and came out with a dejected expression. He held onto his head upon returning to the conference room and said with a bitter smile, "Before I could even speak, I was hit by an U.F.O."

Tang Ming's face grew more grave. He experienced many hard cases in his long years in the medical field. He had also encountered uncooperative patients that required to be persuaded and carefully guided. But it wasn't possible for him to stay here for a long time.

At this moment, a nurse suddenly came to report that the Chinese secretary beside Vera was requesting to have the discharge procedures done. He had already contacted a famous specialist in Haiyun and they would be going to Haiyun to have their treatment done.

Looking at Tang Ming being silent without words, Di Shiyuan sighed, since he knew that he was also at his wit's end. Therefore, he could only lead everyone to the hospital room once again, "Miss Vera!"

Vera did not look energetic and she had her eyes shut; she did not want to speak. The stirred expression that she had earlier when facing Zhao Ming seemed like it had never appeared.

The secretary blocked Di Shiyuan and said, "President Di, let's not waste our time on words. I can't joke around with the health of our Chairman, but she is very rejective of those instruments!"

As Di Shiyuan was feeling helpless, a voice suddenly resounded from the side, "There's no need for instruments to examine you and your illness can be cured."

Not only was the secretary startled, even Di Shiyuan was shocked. Looking at the direction of the voice, he saw Su Tao and recalled that he was the grandson of Su Guangsheng. Because they were too busy earlier, he had not realised that Su Tao had been participating in the conference.

"What international joke are you playing here?" Qiao Dehao said. After realising that it was a stranger, he had ill thoughts inwardly flashing by. This was the so-called "expert" that Di Shiyuan had sent Zhao Ming to invite, thus he had subconsciously put him in Di Shiyuan's camp and said with disdain, "Did you think that you are a deity to not require any instruments for treatment?"

Someone echoed along with mockery, "Which Department's intern is this? Get lost from here!" From his appearance, Su Tao looked to be in his twenties. Thus, many people thought that he was an intern and now, he was a brat that spokse of conceited nonsense.

Tang Ming gently snorted, sounding unhappy in his heart. He, himself did not have any solution, but that kid claimed to have a solution. Wasn't he trying to embarrass him on purpose?

Di Shiyuan frowned his brows. Right now, he could only do his best to stop Vera's secretary from handling the discharge procedures. If they had enough time, who knows, the patient might change her mind.

Although Di Shiyuan had never come in contact with Su Tao before, he admired Su Guangsheng's medical skills a lot. Even though he was among the folks, his skills were comparable to national experts.

Su Tao saw the conflict in Di Shiyuan. Since the other party had thought of his grandfather at such a crucial time, then he couldn't let that trust down.

As he thought, Su Tao spoke to Vera's secretary, "Have you suffered a leg injury 6 months ago on your right leg? Furthermore, don't you feel a soreness and pain every rainy day?"

Since it was extremely hard to communicate with the patient directly, Su Tao chose her secretary as the breaking point.

The secretary was stunned for quite a while. That fellow didn't seem to be guessing, but he could tell that his injury was 6 months ago?

Di Siyuan knew that Su Tao was 'showing his skills'.

If he wanted to gain the trust of the patient, then he would have to show his skills. It was a commonly seen means in the traditional chinese medical field. Unlike the western medical field, where the majority of the patients would come knocking on the door and if the patient didn't wish to be examined, then so be it. But the traditional chinese medical field had an entire set of treatment routines. When the patient showed doubts, then one would have to show his abilities and directly aim at the vital part.

Di Shiyuan cheered in his heart upon having unintentionally invited an expert. Tang Ming also had a similar eyesight to Di Shiyuan and looked at Su Tao in astonishment, pondering inwardly that this young man did have some skills!

Although Qiao Dehao was in charge of the party work and not on the front line, he could tell how extraordinary Su Tao was. However, he still held doubts in his heart. "Secretary Li, don't be bothered by him. He's just a young man and doesn't know anything, so he was just blabbering."

Secretary Li inwardly pondered that this hidden illness of his had been affecting him for a long time. But now, there was someone that could point that out with a single glance. Although he had hesitation in his heart, he revealed a smile on his face, "Since you claim that you can treat an illness without the use of instruments, then I will have you look at me first."

Those by the side knew that Su Tao had succeeded in 'showing his skills', he probably really had an illness in his leg.

There were four diagnostic methods in the traditional chinese medical field, they are 'looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse'. The first would be looking at the complexion, which showed the vitality of a human body.

Su Tao took a glance at Secretary Li, he had an indifferent expression and was slow to respond. A typical chinese would have a light-yellow complexion and a rosy lustre. It there was a different colour, it would be the sick colours. With Secretary Li, however, there were hints of black on his ophryon, indicating an issue in his liver.

The second look would be to observe the figure and movements. When Su Tao looked at him walking, his centre of gravity was tilted towards the left. People generally would have their centre of gravity towards the right, thus he could infer that Secretary Li must have an illness in his right leg, which was related to his liver.

Di Shiyuan was overjoyed in his heart and gave Su Tao a push from his back.

Su Tao reacted quickly. Di Shiyuan wasn't in a good spot to specify his standing but he had tacitly agreed for him to give it a try.

He stretched his hand and gently place it on Secretary Li's wrist and counted a few seconds before saying, "There are two reasons for the aching on your leg. The first would be the injury, the second would be usage of medicines which leads to weak liver. That's because the function of the liver is to discharge. If the liver cannot discharge, it will cause blood and qi to stagnate and can be easily diagnosed incorrectly as weak kidneys. I'll make a prescription of Straightening Soup for you. Consume it for three days and you will recover."

Three days?

Joy was revealed on Secretary Li's face. This illness had already bugged him for half a year, he had also secretly gone to see a doctor due to the aching in his leg. The doctors had examined him to be weak in the kidneys. Being weak in the kidneys was the embarrassment of all men, so Secretary Li was embarrassed to tell others about it and did not seek any other doctor. He had secretly taken many tonics but they did not have much effect.

But with a single glance, Su Tao could tell that the injury in his leg was from half a year ago, which caused him to be shocked. Could it be that the other doctors were wrong and in actual fact, he wasn't weak in the kidneys?

Su Tao lightly said, "If you don't believe me, then I have no other ways. If trust is lost between the doctor and patient, even if Hua Tuo was alive and Bian Que came back to life, they still would not be able to fully cure your aching leg."

Su Tao borrowed a pen and wrote down the prescription for the Straightening Soup and smiled. "I'll have to seek President Di and Professor Tang to verify whether there's an issue with this."

Su Tao's current actions had clearly given face to Di Shiyuan and Tang Ming. The two of them originated as western doctors, so they only knew a small amount about chinese medicine. Even if they were to look at the prescriptions, it wouldn't be possible for them to see through the trick if there was one.

Tang Ming held it in his hand and gone silent for a few minutes, before saying without batting an eyelid, "A typical prescription, there's no problem with it."

The prescription involved Dogwood Fruit, Anemarrhena Rhizome, Frankincense, Angelica Sinensis, Salvia Miltiorrhiza, etc… Those were all commonly seen amongst traditional chinese medicine with the intention of nourishing. Thus, there wouldn't be a problem if they had overdosed. He did not see that Su Tao had increased the amount of Frankincense and Anemarrhena Rhizome, which possessed a targeting intention.

After being verified by Tang Ming, everyone's trust for Su Tao increased. Even if Qiao Dehao wanted to stop him, he had no way to do so.

Secretary Li and Su Tao communicated a little before the former said to the latter, "Miss Vera will only give you five minutes amount of time, and you cannot use any instruments to examine her."

Su Tao already had his own plans, so he faintly said, "Rest assured, I already know the reason for Miss Vera's illness and only want to verify it. As for the treatment process, myself and Miss Vera must be alone, I need everyone else to leave the room."

When Su Tao's words fell into everyone's ears, it was undoubtedly arrogance and Qiao Dehao softly laughed as he mocked, "How arrogant!"

Secretary Li took a glance at Qiao Dehao without concealing the loathing in his eyes, then he smiled at Su Tao and promised, "No problem, but only five minutes."

Su Tao faintly smiled and said with confidence, "She will give me sufficient time."

When everyone left, Su Tao sat beside Vera closely looked at her.

He had to admit, she was a beautiful woman that possessed all the merit of a Russian beauty. Even when she was ill, her beauty still couldn't be concealed.

She had a pair of brown pupils, golden hair and rosy lips. Beneath her snow-white skin was a patch of pride as her bosom perked. Her abdomen was flat with the even more attractive pair of long legs. Due to her patient trousers' length being shortened, her thighs were revealed. She was like a real-life barbie that had worn patient clothes.

He was calmly looking at Vera. Vera, however, seemed to have sensed Su Tao's provocation and was prepared to criticise his rudeness with anger.

Su Tao inhaled a mouthful of air, then his thumb pressed into the crack on the centre of her ample chest at lightning speed.

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