Chapter 2 - When Do We Get Married?

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Chapter 2: When Do We Get Married?

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Just as she was bracing herself for what was to come, she felt something cover her body.

Si Zhengting looked at Zhuang Nainai with a cold glimmer in his pitch-black eyes. His hands got hold of the bed sheet, and with it, he wrapped her into a tight bundle in an instant.

Zhuang Nainai opened her eyes in shock and discovered that she was in mid-air.

The door creaked open and she was thrown out into the carpeted hallway. Si Zhengting looked down coldly at her and mercilessly uttered a single word, “Scram!”

The door was then quickly slammed shut with a loud thud.

Zhuang Nainai was dumbstruck. She remained wrapped in the bed sheet, and it took her a while to come back to her senses. The result of throwing herself at him was being thrown out of the room in turn?

“Si Zhengting! Do you know what chivalry is? You… you…” Zhuang Nainai struggled to free her hands from the bed sheet and helped herself up into a sitting position.

At that moment, the suite door re-opened.

Zhuang Nainai lifted her head and saw Si Zhengting towering over her, eyeing her in an arrogant and haughty way.

She met his crisp, frosty gaze, and her words got stuck in her throat.

“Take these away!” He threw her clothes out too.

Zhuang Nainai jumped off the floor and made to dash into the room without giving a second thought.


The door shut. It missed her nose by inches.

That jerk!

Outraged, Zhuang Nainai considered smashing the door, but she remembered the status of the man inside the room and hung her head dejectedly.

Si Zhengting – heir of the Imperial Group, a business magnate who wields immense power and fortune and was also the most eligible bachelor, with girls clamoring over him.

The Imperial Group was abundant in capital, a true conglomerate with businesses in all kinds of industries: financing, real estate, entertainment, you name it. It ranks as the most influential corporation in the whole of China, if not Asia.

Zhuang Nainai, on the other hand, had risen to wealth and luxury only a few days ago. She was the long-lost daughter of the Gu Corporation, missing and living frugally for the past twenty-two years.

The Gu Corporation was nothing compared to the Imperial Group even in its most glorious days.

If not for the marriage promise laid down since they were just babies, how could she possibly be in any way connected to this godly figure?

This door between them was not the only thing keeping them distantly apart.

“You are the apple of my eye, I love…”

Zhuang Nainai glanced at the phone ringing on the floor and the caller ID registered. Her face sank. She sat down on the floor and picked up the phone.

“Qing Yan, how did it go? Did Mr. Si say when the marriage will be?” her father, Gu Deshou’s anxious voice came from the other side of the line.

Qing Yan. Gu Qingyan?

Zhuang Nainai curled her lips. Even though a few days had passed since she returned to the Gu’s, she still couldn’t get used to that name.

She glanced at the door across the hallway and said, “Erm, dad, not so great.”

“Qing Yan, the Gu Corporation is facing bankruptcy, all our assets are frozen, no banks would lend us money if not for Mr. Si’s guarantee. We can’t even amass the 500 thousand dollars that you want. So by hook or by crook, you have to get Mr. Si to marry you…”

Zhuang Nainai drew in a deep breath. “I know.”

She hung up and clenched her fist tight in determination.

She must win over Si Zhengting and obtain the 500 thousand dollars to save the mother who raised her!

Zhuang Nainai, you can’t give up!!!

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