Chapter 2

Chapter 2: She Is a Gentle and Virtuous Wife

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Bao… Bao Junyan!

The unmannered man who’d pushed her away was Bao Junyan, her husband!

Recomposing herself, she quickly looked down.

Originally, at Bao Junyan’s royal wife-selection ceremony, she had tried her best to suppress her presence. She did not want to be noticed. But it turned out that he wanted a quiet and obedient wife, and she was chosen in the end.

As for her, she was forced to bear the identity of his wife and needed to put up an image of a gentle and obedient wife after their marriage.

If he were to discover that she was none of those things and that, in fact, she was carrying out assignments like this, he would definitely explode in great fury!

Just as she was fretting…

A frivolous voice was heard. “Hey, beauty, don’t go for my Brother Bao. He’s married and doesn’t like other women touching him. If you want to fling yourself on a man, my arms would always welcome you!”

Her lips twitched slightly. Well well well, this fella is so cheeky, isn’t he afraid…

Wait a minute!

If he can utter that, this means that no one has recognized me!

Because if he had recognized me, he wouldn’t have dared to say this!

The chap who spoke earlier was Gong Zeye. He was Bao Junyan’s friend and the marriage witness at their wedding. Being a frequent visitor of the Bao household, he was the one she was most accustomed to among her husband’s friends.

If he hasn’t recognized me, then… does that mean Bao Junyan can’t recognize me as well?

Feeling lucky, she took a peek secretly at Bao Junyan. He was ignoring her completely. Besides, her makeup was so thick that even her mother would not be able to recognize her. Still, she maintained a low profile just to be safe. Hanging her head low, she muttered inaudibly, “Sorry, sorry… I’ll take my leave now…”

While saying that, she hurriedly pressed the button to open the elevator’s door that was about to shut and dashed out without further ado.

“Brother Bao, look. You’ve scared the little beauty,” Gong Zeye teased his friend as he watched her slipped away.

Bao Junyan merely kept quiet and glared at him from his periphery.

Dipping his head, he suddenly noticed a layer of cosmetic foundation on his coat and frowned disdainfully. How much foundation did that woman apply on her face?

Happy to escape unscathed, Mu Huan was able to relax finally. Just then, she heard the sound of the elevator door opening. Thinking that it might be her husband, she fled toward the fire evacuation stairs beside her. Her harried demeanor attracted the attention of her pursuers.

She subconsciously knew that she would be attracting unnecessary attention if she continued to run. Moreover, the elevator that opened on her level was not the one that her husband was riding. Hence, she calmed down and told them off tersely. “What are you staring at? Haven’t you seen a pretty lady before?!”

The pursuers looked away sheepishly.

She then sauntered away to another elevator.

The instruction given to Master Meng’s men, who were standing guard at the exit, was to look out for the delivery girl with short hair and in exercise attire. Hence, no one stopped her in her wig and fanciful dress-up as she stepped out of the lift.

As she reached the exit, she was so alarmed to see Bao Junyan again that she had to cling to the wall to steady herself. This time, he was getting into a car. Without hesitation, she turned her head away and pretend to check her phone.

She rushed on her way home only after she’d confirmed that his car had driven far away out of her periphery.

By the time her husband reached home, she was already cleaned and washed up. There was no trace of that vampish dress-up as she sat tenderly on the couch to do her crocheting.

That’s right, crocheting!

Although it’s summer, a gentle and virtuous wife should not be doing nothing!

When she saw him coming in, she quickly put down her crochet, walked up to him, passed him his flip-flop, and took the coat he passed to her to hang on the coat hanger.

“Hubby, have you had your dinner?”


“Do you still need to work?”


“Then I’ll prepare your bath for you.” To prepare for her role as a virtuous wife, she had sought inspiration from novels and drama series. She reckoned that he was satisfied with her performance thus far.


By the time she walked to the bathroom, she was positively sure that he had not recognized her this morning.

In any case, she felt that he would not have waited to do something to her later at home if he had recognized her inside the elevator at the first instant.

Still, that did not make her any less worried.

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