The Daily Task of Preventing My Disciple from Turning to the Dark Side: Chapter 2

Seeing that Mu Chen agreed, Gu Yunjue happily put his arms around Mu Chen’s neck. Pointing to the distant dark cloud test peak, he asked, “I do not need to participate in trials? Those big brothers said that as long as I climb this mountain, I can find immortality.”

Not used to being so close to another person, Mu Chen was somewhat irritable and turned his face away, his expression a bit awkward. His words are overbearing and irrefutable: "Does my disciple need to climb the mountain like a mud monkey?”

In his arms the little thing is thin, his body doesn’t have much meat, therefore the urgent task is to raise the child well.

This metaphor amused Gu Yunjue. Squinting his eyes, he looked at Mu Chen’s handsome face that is very near. Stretching out a finger, he poked gently. The skin of his teacher is quite white and nearly transparent. This time has the master has absorbed the nine-Yang Hades fire? Are you already suffering from that fire? And in the master’s body, there is a familiar force that is attracting him, the attraction can be felt in … the chest area.

The little hand moved from the face to the chest, and placed it at the place where Chen’s heart was beating.

Mu Chen bowed his head, looking at the child in arms. His eyes fell on the hands on his chest. This boy just touched his face and and now touched the chest, what is this?



Being called Shizun, Mu Chen suddenly felt strange, temporarily did not care about the small claws. His gentle eyes looked at Gu Yunjue for some time, not knowing what to say, but he did not know that the heart of the person at his bosom is also full of complex feelings.

“Shizun is hot, so good.” Gu Yunjue smiled around Mu Chen’s neck, his small face looking up, intimately rubbing Mu Chen’s cheek. Unseen by Mu Chen, the dark eyes flash red.

The master’s warm heart is again beating. It’s not a gradually cooling corpse in Gu Yunjue’s arms. Gu Yunjue feels no guilt at the destruction of the three realms, the only thing he regrets is that his master was implicated. Although he knew that time would go backwards, he hadn’t expected that he would return so many years before. In fact, if he had traveled five years more, there would be no such a person here.

Looking at his little hand, Gu Yunjue knows he will have to start all over again.

Everything should be in his control, but Mu Chen appeared ten years ahead of time. This is something that he needs to think about but it is undeniable that the living person is once again standing in front of him, so close.

Master, he was the only salvation/redemption before the rebirth. (TN: The only good thing in his life before his rebirth.)

After rebirth, it is the obsession of this life.

Not knowing that a lot of suffering had made the heart very fragile and that he was poking a raw nerve, Mu Chen patted the child’s back and shifted him to a more comfortable position, saying: “Only the dead are cool, the teacher is naturally hot.”


“Uh huh.”


“Uh huh.”

Thinking that the small disciple might be afraid of heights, Mu Chen’s facial expression softens, the corner of his mouth moves slightly, and he gently stroked Gu Yunjue’s head. The child’s looks a bit starved, the hair quality is very bad. In his mind/imagination flashed countless images, the small child disciple being bullied, worked hard but not given enough food. Mu Chen, in distress, decides that whatever his disciple likes, he will try to get for him.

Rubbing Gu Yunjue’s head, he plans to grant his disciple a wood hairpin with a protective spirit.

If others know this idea of ​​Mu Chen’s they will think that he must be crazy.

Cultivator’s weapons are ranked thus: the major categories are defense, support, and offensive. There are low-grade goods, high-grade goods and best quality goods. Weapon refiners of Mu Chen’s level are rare. They are the kind who are aloof and lofty. Who among them would refine a spiritual device hairpin for a child?

It’s not that no one is willing to refine that, it’s just that it is too extravagant for a child. To raise an apprentice like that, it’s even worse than spoiling a son.

Gu Yunjue felt Mu Chen’s unique gentleness. His mouth curved charmingly, a pair of beautiful peach blossom eyes became crescent moons, like a little fairy of the heavenly healing department.

Mu Chen’s face was a little softer, the little disciple is really naive, and must now be taught well so that his path will not be crooked.


A person who has always been arrogant and cold, the legendary cultivator whose only concern is alchemy, one of Cloud Gate’s highest ranking sect members, suddenly appearing at the registration area holding a little, thin child in his arms like a baby caused an uproar.

Moving to the table with Gu Yunjue in his arms, Mu Chen said: “Register Gu Yunjue as my personal succeeding disciple.”

“Personal succeeding disciple…” The steward in charge of registration, trembling, put out a jade token, his laughing face full of wrinkles, like a wild chrysanthemum devastated by the autumn wind. “Congratulations to the Fifth Elder!”

Mu Chen frowned,leaned away slightly, the steward’s laugh is too fake.

The steward is not bothered, moves his twisted face close to Gu Yunjue and said, to flatter him: “Little lord, good fortune!”

Gu Yunjue bent his small body, narrowed his eyes slightly, and similarly despised the steward: Little lord? Ha-ha, this old man has obstructed the teacher’s attractive eyes, might as well butcher! (Translation: This guy is an eyesore, might as well kill him.)

The steward wanted to say something but suddenly felt a chill in his heart seeing the child opposite him staring at him with no expression in his face. It was as if a sharp sword was pointed at him, making his hair stand on end. The steward in charge closed his mouth immediately, does not dare to speak idly anymore, and hurries to give Mu Chen the jade token.

Mu Chen received the jade token which was engraved complex symbols and the size of the palm of the hand. He grabbed Gu Yunjue’s hand, forced out a drop of blood, and let it drip onto the jade token. The jade hummed, lighted up, and the symbols became a scarlet sunshine pattern, unusually beautiful.

This token signifies a disciple’s rank as a personal succeeding disciple. It gives the disciple access to all of the majority of the sect’s resource areas and the disciple can freely go in and out of most places. As Mu Chen wants to raise a freeing-ranging child, this point is very important.

At the same time, Cloud Gate places in the high tower of disciple a soul jade sign, in the long empty fifth palace’s place, quietly raised a soul lamp. (TN: No idea what this means. A ritual, I guess.)

Mu Chen is satisfied, with this jade token Gu Yunjue is now a high ranking disciple and no one can bully him.

After Mu Chen left the steward patted his chest, wiped the cold sweat from his face, looked at his trembling hands, crying without tears. For the head of the Sunshine (Fifth) Palace, taking in a personal succeeding disciple needed the approval of the sect master but Mu Chen simply ignored this requirement. Since the sect master does not know that a five-year-old disciple has been registered, who will be blamed for this? How can he excuse himself?

What’s most embarrassing is that Mu Chen’s disciple will now be ranked fifth among all the disciples. The sixth ranked disciples, who are older, will have to call him senior. Thinking of this, the steward touched his neck where goose bumps have formed.

The sect leader Yue Ming Ze, after receiving news of this, was very much surprised. Choosing a personal succeeding disciple is not normally done so casually. The background must be checked to see if it is pure, the conduct needs to be inspected, and a five-year-old young animal who does not know how to cultivate, how can he be taught?

In the current crop of disciples, there are several with very good talent. Gu Yunjue is actually not the best. Moreover he is too young, for this reason he received many doubting looks at the trial. Mu Chen’s temper is cold. He does not like to speak so how could one see him as the type who can take care of others? With Mu Chen raising a child, Yue Ming Ze’s experience tells him that his younger brother Mu will certainly randomly feed the child. Gu Yunjue’s long-term safety will be an issue.

Mu Chen hasn’t really thought about this issue, to him raising a disciple just means to give the best to him to raise him right.

Bringing Gu Yunjue back to the Sun Palace, along the way countless disciples fell off their flying swords. From time to time, he patted Gu Yunjue on the back, constantly frowning at how thin the child was, his mind affected by thoughts of how the child must have had such a difficult life. In a few days he can refine some medicine to nurse the child back to health.

“Do you have any family?” To Mu Chen, Gu Yunjue is still too small, such a small child cannot have gone to the Cloud Gate trial alone. No matter what family members he has, Mu Chen does not mind. He is willing to raise several people. (TN:Not sure?) He can let Gu Yunjue get the care of relatives.

In the past, Gu Yunjue did not feel anything called affection. Such a young child needs both his parents to take care of him. Being away from home might also have been a cause of his temper distortion. But Gu Yunjue smiled, shook his head, and said: “Only two old servants brought this disciple here, they have already left.”

“Your father and mother?”

“My mother was killed by my father, dad has more than ten sons, I am the most useless.” Gu Yunjue’s slightly upturned mouth looked like he was talking about someone else. There was no trace of anger. He didn’t want to lie to his teacher. If the opposite party asked him about trivial matters he will tell the truth, but now since he has the appearance of a child, he can act like a spoiled brat to the teacher.

Mu Chen’s heart sank. He hesitated, patting the small head, comforting him: “You have master, don’t be afraid.”

Gu Yunjue grabbed Mu Chen’s hand and felt the warmth of the palm and the satisfaction of the smile. No matter how many things he has gone through, the young teacher’s temperament still has not changed. He always has an indifferent face, does not love to talk, also does not love to laugh, decisive, a killer who does not have compassion for his enemies. This makes people think that his unfeeling temperament is bad, that he is not good to get close to.

Actually, the young teacher is a gentle person.

How regrettable. From now on, it’s enough to understand him.

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