Chapter 1

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No Matter How Stupid You Are You Will Understand

The elevator slowly rose. Sarah’s heart was filled with anticipation and sweetness when she thought of Julian, whom she had not seen for half a month. He said he had a good news to tell her.

Will he make a proposal today?

She had waited for this day for a long time. Sarah was carrying the soup dumplings in her hands. She got up at three in the morning and made it especially for Julian. She was afraid that he would be thirsty, so she specially made black bean soy milk. As long as Julian liked it, no matter how many things he asked her to make, she would still be happy.

When the elevator reaches the top floor, Sarah walked out and headed towards Office of President.

There was still an hour and a half until work time. The entire corridor was quiet. Sarah wanted to give Julian a surprise, so she deliberately slowed down her footsteps.

She walked to her office and pushed the door open. She wanted to walk in and put down the bag first. However, she was surprised to find that the door of the President’s Office was half open and there was a faint sound coming from inside.

Sarah was stunned. She looked at President’s office door two meters away and walked over. She opened the office door and found that there was no one inside but the sound became more and more clear.

“Ah, no, no, Julian!”

A woman’s voice came from Julian’s lounge, emitting a strong ambiguous atmosphere.

Sarah felt like a lighting thunder explode in her head!

No matter how stupid she was, she knew what they were doing!

But, it was impossible! Absolutely impossible!

This was Julian’s office, how could such a thing happen! Her body could not control itself as she walked into the President’s Office. She heard Julian’s name clearly! But she did not believe it! She didn’t believe that the man she had fallen in love with since middle school would do such a thing!

He wouldn’t! He definitely wouldn’t!

However, another familiar voice rang out, instantly shattering her last sliver of hope!

“Baby, you charming little demoness, I love you!”

This was Julian’s voice.

This was so familiar. His voice was as pleasant as before!

No matter if it was ten or twenty years later, she would be able to recognize it clearly!

“Julian, I love you too. But what about your Big Brother? I am still his fiancée. He will be back tomorrow. If he knows that we are together, he will definitely kill me!”

“He won’t! No matter what, he is still my elder brother. Besides, you’re pregnant with my child now. My mother wants to have a grandson. If she knows this, she will definitely help us convince Big Brother!”

“What about your little secretary, Sarah? Didn’t the two of you get engaged when you were young? What about her?”

“That fool is even not a problem! If not for the fact that her father helped me once, I would have kicked her out of the Cooper Group a long time ago. Baby, I only love you.”

Sarah had liked Julian for nine whole years since middle school! She didn’t expect that in these nine years, she would only be a fool in this man’s mind!

In the end, tears flowed out of Sarah’s eyes in disappointment, blurring everything in front of her! The soybean milk in her hand smashed onto the ground and the small basket of buns also rolled out together with her.

Tears kept falling down, but Sarah smiled with tears in her eyes. Her heart was in great pain. She felt that she could not breathe!

It had been nine years! Every word Julian said, his preference … His cloths, his lifestyle, his everything!

She remembered everything clearly! But what did he just say?

He said she was a fool! She was a fool, a complete fool, a ridiculous fool.

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