Chapter 2

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This Guy Looks So Much Like Her Son

Queenie spoke to Lisa respectfully without knowing who the latter really was.

Five years ago, Queenie hatched up a plot in an attempt to trick Joseph into marrying her for the sake of her own interests. However, in a strange combination of circumstances, she ended up hooking Colton instead. To compensate her for what had happened, Colton gave her the title of “the future Young Madam Gardner,” but his manner toward her had always been lukewarm. This time, she volunteered to be Lisa’s assistant, wanting to do well to impress Colton since Gardner Corporation placed great emphasis on the partnership.

She was supposed to pick Lisa up herself today, but she learned all of a sudden that Colton would be returning from his business trip ahead of schedule on the same flight as Lisa. To her, no one could be more important than Colton, so she could only flake on Lisa.

Nicole noticed that the woman on the other end of the line had begun to hum and haw, as though the latter really had something urgent to deal with. “I got it. Just go ahead with your stuff first. I can hail a cab back myself.” Only then did she recall her boss telling her before her trip home that an assistant had been assigned to her to help her familiarize herself with the company’s work in the country. It’s said that this assistant is the future Young Madam Gardner, but I never thought she’d be so polite…

“Thank you so much, Ms. Lisa.” Queenie hung up with a sigh of relief.

This was the first time Lisa returned to her home country to take over the company’s business in the country, and rumor had it that she was a woman in her forties. At first, Queenie had thought that she would be difficult to deal with, but she didn’t expect Lisa to be so easygoing.

Nicole continued standing outside the washroom after putting away her phone. She waited for over ten minutes, but Hayden had yet to come out. It’s been such a long time. Could something have

happened? She stared at the men’s room sign, hesitating whether she should go in to take a look.

Just then, Hayden ran out on his little legs and threw himself at her trouser legs, crying. “Mom…”

Nicole immediately looked down at her son, only to find that his eyes were red.

Nicole had no idea who Hayden inherited his looks from, but he looked really adorable. His black hair rested softly on his head, and his little face was round and plump. With his delicate and good-looking features, he would definitely become a handsome guy when he grew up. At this very moment, though, he looked very aggrieved. His bright and clear eyes were tinged with red, and his lips were slightly pouted. Worried, she crouched down and asked, “What’s wrong, Hayden?”

“Mom, there was a man inside who bullied me.”

A man bullied my son? Upon listening to Hayden’s words, Nicole instantly saw red. Does this guy have no sense of shame? How could he bully a little boy? She comforted her son while standing ferociously outside the men’s room, ready to argue it out with the man when he came out later.

A short while later, a man came out of the men’s room. Being tall and lean, he was dressed immaculately in a well-ironed black suit that outlined his perfectly proportioned figure, especially his broad shoulders, slim waist, and criminally long legs.

Nicole looked all the way up from the man’s slim waist, only to be taken aback when she laid eyes on his face.

The man had chiseled and exquisite features, with a tall nose and a pair of slightly compressed thin lips that had a sharp edge to them. The most captivating of his features were his eyes, the inky pupils of which were very deep despite the hint of callousness about them, like a pair of black holes that could suck people in.

However, what astounded Nicole wasn’t the man’s dazzling features, but his looks. He looked just like the adult version of her son!

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