Chapter 2

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Philip’s expression changed, frowning slightly.

Seeing Philip in his delivery uniform, looking shabby, Lily pointed at the door and said, “Get out now, we don’t allow delivery men here.”

“I’m not here for delivery,” explained Philip.

Lily tidied her bangs before crossing her arms and said icily, “This is not the first time I hear this. Everyone that comes in here says they’re not delivery men. Please!”

“I’m not. I’m here to see George Thomas.” Feeling exasperated, Philip headed inside after saying that.

“F*ck! Are you mad? Didn’t you hear what I was saying?” Lily was furious. It was her first time seeing such a shameless delivery man who would just force his way in after being denied entry.

Just then, a department manager seemed to have heard the commotion and came out with an ugly expression. “What’s going on?”

“Manager Stuart, this delivery man is trying to force his way into our office!” Lily pointed at Philip and then continued with much disdain, “I’ll get security to chase him out immediately!”

The manager frowned and sized Philip up before saying, “Our company doesn’t allow delivery men inside. Please leave…”

Stuart showed more courtesy, but his tone and attitude did not sound friendly. This man was a department manager of a company listed in the Fortune Global 500. To be this polite to rubbish delivery men was already very kind.

Seeing Philip still standing there in a daze, Lily was anxious to show her authority, so she pointed at him again and roared, “Did you hear that? Get out now!”

Philip was annoyed, ‘Did she swallow a stick of dynamite, or is she on her period? This is a company owned by my family, and you’re just a watchdog! Who are you to bark at your owner? Damn it!’

“I’ve already said that I’m not here for a delivery. I’m here to see George Thomas,” Philip answered coldly.

George Thomas? The manager was stunned as he stared, bewildered at Philip before snorting out a laugh. “You’re looking for our chairman?”

“George Thomas, is your chairman?” Philip was dumbstruck. Wasn’t that old man a mere secretary? Since when did he secretly become chairman? No wonder he was brave enough to want to talk about conditions. That means I can’t be soft when I see him later! I, Philip Clarke, will never inherit the family business! I’ll just take the money and go!

Stuart shook his and laughed sarcastically. “You didn’t even know that President Thomas is our chairman, and you say you’re looking for him? Do you have an appointment?”

“Mr. Stuart, stop joking. How could trash like him get an appointment?” Lily mocked as her lips curved into a sarcastic smile.

“Alright, alright. Lily, get security to come over.” Stuart waved impatiently.

“Understood, Mr. Stuart,” answered Lily in a coquettish voice before she jogged over to the front desk and picked up the phone to call the security department.

The manager was about to leave when, suddenly, an angry voice sounded at the front desk.

“George Thomas, get down here right now! I’m being held up by your receptionist. If I don’t see you in three minutes, I’m leaving.”

The other two people followed the source of the voice and saw Philip just hanging up with a lazy expression as his eyes surveyed the office environment.

The mocking smile on Lily’s lips grew, and she reproached, “You’re even putting on an act now! You deserve to be a delivery man for life!” Her hands then shifted from the phone to take a secret picture of Philip to post on her social media timeline with the caption, ‘Disgusting! Met a mad delivery man today and about to get security to kick him out…’

On one side, Stuart frowned as he shot Lily a look. The latter understood immediately and gave him an ‘OK’ gesture. She called the security department and reported, “Hello, come over to the front desk to take care of a piece of human trash.” After hanging up, Lily sat back down and started touching up her make-up, ignoring Philip.

Soon, the chairman of Apex Group, George Thomas, with his secretary in tow, came jogging out of the elevator and saw their young master waiting at the lounge from afar!

However, what made their eyes pop was seeing three security personnel about to throw the young master out!

That’s the sole heir of the family business! George instantly yelled, “Stop!”

The three security guards were just pushing Philip out when they heard the order. They turned to see their chairman rushing over with an enraged expression! Why is the chairman here?

‘Thud!’ The three men straightened up and saluted. “Good day, Mr. President!” they greeted.

However, George did not notice them and went straight toward Philip, his face blooming like a sunflower. The moment Lily noticed the chairman, she quickly hurried over. And when she saw Philip still standing there like an idiot, her rage grew.

“Mr. President!” Lily greeted respectfully before turning to glare at Philip with disdain. “Why are you still here? Three of you, throw him out immediately!” Lily was enraged.

‘Were the security team blind? How could they let this trash stand in the lounge when the chairman was here? What if this madman annoyed the chairman?’

George, however, shot a cold glance at Lily and reproached, “What are you doing? This is the young master of our company, the future president! Who allowed you lot to be this disrespectful?!”

‘Young… Young master? This guy? How was this delivery man anything like a young master?’ Lily was dumbstruck.

She said indignantly, “Mr. President, are you mistaken? How is he our company’s young master?”

“I’m not mistaken,” answered George coldly as the contempt for this woman grew in his heart. “What kind of tone and attitude is this? Is this how you speak to your chairman?”

Lily immediately realized her error and bowed in apology. “Mr. President, I’m sorry, I…”

The manager, Stuart, from before just happened to come back at that moment. He gave a flattering smile and asked, “Mr. President, why have you come down here?”

As he spoke, he noticed that Philip was still here but was not aware of the current atmosphere. His face went red, and he frowned. “Why are you still here? Didn’t I tell you that our company doesn’t allow delivery men in here? Get out!”

Soon after he spoke, he felt a pair of cold eyes staring straight at him. ‘Oh dear, idiots were everywhere, but they were especially abundant today.’

“Shut up!” George exploded furiously and roared, “He is the young master of our company! Both of you are fired!”

Philip shook his head, helplessly. “What a sin it is to be such a snob.”

“Young Master, this way please.” George bowed slightly and gestured him to go inside. This scene startled both the manager and the receptionist. Young Master? Was he really the young master?

Seeing as Philip was about to leave with the chairman, Stuart immediately rushed over to smile apologetically and begged, “Young Master, I was too blind to recognize you for who you were. Please forgive me this time.”

Stuart could see how the chairman was so respectful to the young man. Apex Group was ranked seventh in the Fortune Global 500, and the chairman himself was a prominent figure worth over billions! If a big shot like him said that this young man was the young master, then he was the young master!

Lily, too, had rushed over with a docile expression as she apologized, “Young Master, I was wrong. I won’t ever do it again.”

Philip only glanced at George indifferently. The latter instantly pointed at the security team and ordered, “What are you standing there for? Throw these two out! From today on, don’t let them take even one step into our premise!”

“Young Master, Young Master, we were wrong, please forgive us…” Stuart and Lily both ended up being tossed out of the building by security.

Upon reaching the president’s office, Philip sat down at the leather sofa while George stood respectfully at one side with his hands in front of him.

“Old George, you’re living a pretty luxurious life. This ostrich skin sofa, what great taste!” Philip patted the sofa he was sitting on and exclaimed.

George wore a humble expression as he answered, still standing, “Young Master, stop joking with this old man. If you would sign your name in this document, everything here is yours to take.” As soon as he said that, the tall secretary with delicate skin, dressed in black formal attire behind him, handed Philip a set of documents.

Philip glanced at it in disdain. “It’s not like you don’t know that I refuse to inherit my dad’s wealth. I’m here today to ask you to loan me a hundred thousand dollars.”

George smiled tactfully and said, “I refuse.”

“Say that again, old man!” Philip stood up, abruptly out of anger.

George repeated. “I refuse.”

The older man then continued with a bright smile on his wrinkled face as he tempted, “Young Master, as long as you sign this, forget a hundred thousand, even a hundred million or billions are all yours.”

“Forget it then! If I sign this document, my name isn’t Philip Clarke!” Philip raged.

Five minutes later.

“Congratulations, Young Master, you have officially inherited all Clarke family’s wealth and businesses. Here is your hundred thousand.”

George stared at the signed document with his face blooming like a chrysanthemum flower. At the same time, the secretary beside him brought over a briefcase and opened it. It was a hundred thousand in cash!

“George, old man, you’re too lavish. This briefcase looks like it’s carrying a hundred million instead,” said Philip as he picked up a plastic bag lying beside and put the money in. “I’ll be taking my leave


“Take care, Young Master. Do you need me to get a car ready for you?” George asked respectfully.

“That’s okay, I came on my scooter,” answered Philip, and he walked out of the office with the plastic bag in hand.

After Philip had left, George immediately brought the documents up to the conference room on the top floor and started a video conference.

“Master, the young master has finally signed.” Old George stood in front of the large screen, bowing slightly as he reported with much enthusiasm and respect.

The screen showed an old man in a wheelchair. The old man coughed for a bit before slowly lifting a hand and said in a weak voice, “Then… Pass on the message…”

“Yes, Master,” answered George, wiping his tears as he looked at the old man on the screen.

In an instant, the top management of all the businesses under the Clarke family received an email informing them that the sole heir of the Clarke family, Philip Clarke, had officially inherited the family business! These businesses include properties, development, entertainment, production, finance, investment, information technology, and etcetera…

Philip returned to the hospital and rushed over to the ward just in time to see Wynn and Juan leaning close to each other as they chattered happily.

Philip frowned as he balled his hands into fists.

“Philip Clarke, where have you been?” Upon seeing him, Wynn asked coldly. To think this man still had the heart to run around, ignoring his daughter. Wynn’s gaze held disappointment as she looked at Philip.

Juan, who was sitting beside him, snorted in laughter. “Philip, were you away trying to borrow money? It’s okay, I can foot the medical bills. I’m Mila’s uncle, after all.”

“I don’t need you to worry about my daughter’s medical expenses; I can pay up.” Philip walked in with an icy expression.

“Philip Clarke, how can you behave this way toward Brother Juan! Apologize to him!” Wynn started scolding him, thinking that she knew her husband well enough to know that he was disrespectful on purpose. Brother Juan was kind enough to help them foot the bill, but this man was sour to him. How rude!

Juan feigned kindness and urged Wynn, saying, “Wynnie, don’t get angry. Philip must be feeling upset because he didn’t manage to borrow any money.”

Wynn shot Philip a furious glare as she looked down on him even more.

Philip tried to hold his rage back as he stared at both of them with clenched fists. He wanted so much to throw a punch at Juan’s face. Wynnie? He’s calling her by her pet name so affectionately! Jesus, Wynn Johnston, I’m your husband here. Have you no shame? Juan feigned kindness and urged Wynn, saying, “Wynnie, don’t get angry. Philip must be feeling upset because he didn’t manage to borrow any money.”

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