Harvey York’s Rise To Power By A Potato-Loving Wolf Chapter 2251

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Harvey York’s Rise to Power Chapter 2251

Jupiter thought it would be easy for him to defeat Harvey if he put his best foot forward.

After all, he was the eldest disciple of Longmen? s Law Enforcement. He had the confidence and

strength to do so.

Slap! Slap!

However, Harvey took a step forward and slapped Jupiter around once again.

“So what it hit you?”

Jupiter was boiling with anger, fuming.

“You...!” he screamed, close to exploding with


“What? You‘re not satisfied? You think I snuck up on you?”

Harvey hooked his finger mockingly, smiling faintly at Jupiter.

“Come! I‘ll give you a chance. This time, you better show me all your strength!”

Jupiter‘s eyes twitched frantically after hearing Harvey‘s words.

The next moment, he sprang forth, revealing his full strength.

Tarvey YorkEnorish

“I‘ll have you know that I‘m no easy target for you to bully, Harvey York!”

He rushed forward, and the waddy in his hand emitted an eerie green glow.

Right then, a strange green shadow zoomed right at Harvey, presenting a terrifying sight.

“Branch Leader! Look out!” Rachel shouted out of instinct.


Before the waddy could land a hit on Harvey, he aimed a hard kick right on Jupiter‘s stomach.

Jupiter was on par with a God of War. Since he was going all out, logically speaking, he should have frightening speed and power.

But when Harvey kicked him, he was immediately sent flying like a dead dog.

He couldn‘t block the hit, even if he wanted to.

He couldn‘t dodge it even if he tried, either.


The power of Harvey‘s kick was off the charts!

Rather than a kick, Jupiter felt like he got rammed by an armored vehicle!

There was no way he could‘ve guarded against such terrifying strength like this. He was left with no choice but to be sent flying, Pffffft!

When Jupiter landed, a spray of red burst out of his mouth.

He wanted to stand, but he could only kneel on the ground helplessly, his face a wretched expression.

Mavis and the others gasped at this, their faces grim with shock and horro

Jupiter was a true God of War, but even so, he wasn‘t able to block a single hit against Harvey...

What kind of strength did Harvey have?!

Harvey crossed his arms and walked forward nonchalantly. He stopped next to Jupiter and then kicked Jupiter again.

“You disappoint me,” Harvey said casually.

“Don‘t you feel ashamed to call yourself a God of


“If all Gods of War are like you, then I‘d rather them slam their heads against a wall and die!”

“Listen to me. When you go outside next time, stop calling yourself that. You‘ll get yourself killed, you scumbag!”

Harvey‘s words were truly demoralizing, with each word injecting fear and tage into Jupiter.

He wanted to refute them badly, but he quickly realized that doing so was meaningless in the

ace of realitat doined apn badly


In a fit of rage, Jupiter gritted his teeth.


“Stop spouting nonsense, kid!” Jupiter barked coldly.

“Fine, my skills are inferior! I admit defeat!”

“If you have the guts, kill me!”

“But if you kill a disciple of Longmen‘s Law Enforcement, it‘ll be considered treason against Longmen! I‘d love to see who‘s going to protect you when that happens!”

“Together with all the other charges, you‘ll be ripped to shreds by the Law Enforceme


“If I get in trouble, you‘ll be screwed!”

“How naive.”

Harvey picked up the waddy and split it into four halves with ease. With a swing of his arm, he then pierced all four of Jupiter‘s limbs in.

Just like that, blood was flying everywhere, painting the scenery a gruesome color.

Jupiter wailed in pain, horrified, before slipping to the ground. He was paralyzed, unable to move at all.

Harvey calmly took out some tissue to wipe his

dirtied fingers.

“Your limbs are all crippled. From today onward, you won‘t even be able to stand, let alone train.”

“This is the cost of your crimes. The price you pay for doing dirty work for someone else.”

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